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Teeth order

I know its usual that the bottom front teeth come in first and then the top front but my lo hs no teeth with no sign of either front tooth but he is teething and also keeps biting at the left hand side of his mouth and i can feel a bump at that side that isnt on the right side in the same place.

Did anyones lo teeth come in in a different order than expected or can that not happen?



  • Funny you should post this as I was talking to dentist this morning as my boy had his first appt at 2 1/2.
    Its called cross cutting and its quite common, my son got his first tooth at 6 weeks and was a top tooth, followed by a bottom tooth a couple of weeks later, then another top tooth. so yes they can come in different orders.
    this website is helpful and tells you the rough ages and general occurance to teeth

    hth x
  • Apparently my sister got the teeth either side of her front bottom ones first x
  • My LO got an upper molar as her first tooth! Very unusual, so cutting the front ones were a doddle after that one, she had to be awkward!!

    She now has 4 molars but still only has 2 front bottom teeth, along with the 4 upper front teeth, don't know where the other 2 are LOL!
  • Oh well, nice to know they're not all going by the book! Not sure if its a tooth or not that is coming cos he keeps biting as soon as i put my finger in and wont open his mouth wide for me to look. will just ave to wait and see.
    Thanks for your help ladies.
  • Hi Starbrite, My LO had been doing the same thing for quite a few weeks. I was certain he would get a bottom back tooth first as he constantly grabbed toys and put them straight to the side of his mouth. He also put his finger in his mouth to the side and chewed on that. However....his first bottom tooth has come through today. Can only just see it and feel it, but its def there. Hope your LO has something pop through soon....front/back/side/bottom....wherever!! xxx
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