Antibiotics or not??

We've been up all night with Tom and Archie both coughing, wheezing and rattling. Archie is only 4 weeks and vomits milk back up each feed as he's so phlemy. I have an appt with Dr at 1pm but don't want to use antibiotics as we all have asthma/ allergies and also you hear so much about them weakening the immune system. I'm so tired and don't think I could do another night like last few but really don't want to risk their future health because I'm selfish but then don't want them ill when meds could help..
They've been ill for about 5 days and getting worse not better......any thoughts???????

ps Tom just found the sudocrem and put white handprints all over the carpet.....


  • Awww, poor u n poor boys hun.........I think I would prob go with gp's advice on this if he suggests meds hun - with Archie being so tiny and not feeding well, u gotta be careful they don't dehydrate etc plus if it's been 5 days already and no sign of improvement yet then they prob need a bit of help just to kick it off now.

    There's a lots of this going around at the mo - both Luke & Alex have it too and Nathan has gone off his milk a bit in the last 24hrs so reckon he may be starting to come down with it too image
  • Got AB's for Tom only and already given him a good dose to get started!!
    They are both sleeping so I'm off to join them!
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