8 weeks and still no period??

Hi max is now 8 weeks old and i still havent had a period?? when should it come? i had pains but no blood??


  • Hi, i came on mine when demi was about 6 weeks, they told me id be bleeding up until about 6 weeks then have my normal period but i had a c sec so might be a bit different. i would nt worry though x
  • Hi, are you breastfeeding?

    My lo is nearly 6 months and I havent had a period yet - am breastfeeding and that can stop them.

    Ill have a shock when they finally start up again.

  • My lo was 11 months before I had my first period! I too was bf - ing
  • no bottlefeeding, breastfed for 1st 3 days lol
  • millie is 11 weeks and i still have not got mine, was so worried that i even did a pg test lol and im def not pg! when i went for my postnatal doc said can take months and months to get it even when u bottle feeding xx
  • i bled for 2 weeks after i had her x
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