Self-feeding snacks for lo?

Kyra's doing so well now feeding herself. I just wanted some ideas really for food she can snack on. ATM I give her tuna paste on wholemeal bread cut into tiny squares, cheerios, soft peaches cut into small pieces, banana slices and whole rusks to munch on!

What do you give your los?? xox


  • Dairylea - either the soft cheese triangles and they also do some hard cheese triangles (called Dairylea bites). Or just normal cheddar cut into little pieces. Gouda is also a good cheese as it's a bit softer than cheddar. Pitta bread is a good alternative to normal sarnies. Raisins (if she is old enough).
    Organix do some good snacks likes crisps.
    Panckaes cut into little pieces.
    Pieces of ham (good quality British ham not the EU stuff with loads of added water).
    Cocktails sausages/normal sausage pieces (again good quality with high pork content).
    hth x
  • Hi,
    We have a huge list going in the July 08 forum thanks to Loop Loo. There are loads of different ideas on there so maybe thats worth a look? Hth x
  • how about........

    cucumber sticks
    boiled carrot sticks
    hipp do 'rusketts' (sp?) that are like rusks but easier to hold
    breadsticks - you can dip in dairylea
    dairylea sandwiches
    pear, plum, apple cut into hand-held pieces
    toast - cut into fingers
    as your lo can feed herself cherios, you could try raisons - organix do some with dried apricots too
    grapes cut in half.

    you can give anything really that can be cut into a hand-held shape.
  • lol - I was typing still while mum to 1 wrote that, is a great list! have a look!
  • Gabe loves self-feeding, he eats more finger food than normal food nowadays. These are the things he likes...
    -banana slices
    -pears (ripe).
    -rice cakes! (I don't buy the baby ones, just normal ones broke in half with dairylea or jam on)
    -toast, though Gabe's gone off it lately.
    -sweet potato chips
    -grapes, I cut them in quarters...

    I'm going to try raisins soon i think.
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