homemade chocolates?

Well I thought I'd make rum truffles with the girls. I separated the filling and made different kinds with vanilla, orange, cherry and various other flavor extracts instead of rum, though I did make a bowl with kaluha, one with baileys, and one with a raspberry vodka (for me image). Anyhow, I let the children roll them in coconut, chocolate
sprinkles, cocoa powder, and icing sugar, oh and hundreds and
thousands. Well today I learned: coconut tosses in the air better than any
confetti ( I think they would like that better than rice at their
weddings), chocolate sprinkle melt amazingly quick in little warm
hands, cocoa powder and icing sugar, oh what nice soft clouds the make
when you blow into a bowl and it settles gently on EVERYTHING!!! My
computer hates me, and wonders why I ever had children or more to the
point expected it to sing seasonal carols in a joyous tune while my
poor poor keyboard ends up covered in sugar. All three had just been
bathed, and the sitting room had just been cleaned and now the works
have been worse than undone. Oh did I mention the hundreds and
thousands,.... well I hope the carpet recovers..... Not to mention the
good coating of cocoa powder it got.

lol.... It has been more than worth it to watch them enjoy making them and they are so very proud of themselves.

Just wanted to share/ for worn, it's been a lovely morning hope every else is having a good day.



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