Baby snuffles?

Hi All,
My little boy is 2 weeks and 4 days old and was delivered by forceps. For about the last week he has really suffered with the sniffles and when we took him to the Dr's he listened to his chest and said there was no problems and just to get him some nose drops.
We've done this and although they seem to help a little they certainly havent resolved the problem and it seems to be getting worse, he is now gagging on it mainly at night. We have tried propping the end of his cot up but perhaps it needs propping up further?
Its really upsetting to see my LO like this as u feel a bit helpless and he only seems better when he's propped up asleep on me, but he cant stay like this all night as i need to sleep too.
Has anyone elses LO's had this, do you have any advice?:\(


  • we went through a stage very similar with jacob. i cant really offer much advice, other then what you said already propping cot up.
    we used about 4 books, about the same thickness as an argos book!

    We also used saline spray to clear his nose

    If it doesnt get any better then see your doctor again.
  • When lo has a cold, it's been suggested to put a bowl of cold water under the cot. Not sure why. But it could be worth a try! :lol: Unless you have a humidifier, you could run the shower and take lo into the bathroom, and see if the steam helps to shift some of it. HTH and lo is free of the snuffles soon. xx
  • Do you know how long it should last?
  • It can last a few weeks if it's clearing mucus. As long as lo has no other signs, indicating illness I'd try to wait it out a bit longer.

    You can use the aspirators if you can see anything in the nose, or saline drops. xx
  • Poppy has the same and we've been to the docs
    3times and she's always had a clear chest! I got some
    saline drops and an aspirator from boots(which is great!)
    she was also given anti bods...but it didn't touch it!
    Poppys now 9weeks and still has the sniffles!
    So I'm afraid- IF it's the same thing- it might take
    quite along time to clear! Some babies are just more
    snuffly..I think?! I thought maybe it's hayfever?
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