slimming world questions?

hi,im thinking of joining slimming world.. does any off you guys actally go to the meetings or do it online?

im 12 stone 4 today lol although do go up to 12.7 somedays.. im a size 16 in bottoms and 14 in tops, have hugggeeee hips lol,my aim is to go to 11 stone which i was before lo, so ill be a size 12 xx, my downfals choclate and biscuits image xx


  • I don't go to the meetings anymore but I used to. I am doing sw at the moment and I do like it. I do all Green days cos I am not a big meat eater and love the amount of pasta etc you can eat on sw...yummmm. The only downside of it, for me, is you can't eat bread. Well you can, but it's that pathetic 400g nimble shit, rather than extra thick sliced white, so imo not even worth it haha!

    I'm 12st 10 so similar to you and am hoping to get down to 11stone by my 21st in june!

  • I do slimming world and I always stay for the meeting, dont see the point in spending 4.50 otherwise!I love it because unlike ww you dont have to count everything.cos there is so much free food, you dont really have to think about eating if your fridge is full of it, you can just pick...I have about 50 muller lights in my fridge lolz!!!image
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