My baby has had two really bad evenings, last night and tonight. She really cries and cries and it seems like she has wind, but our usual techniqes dint seem to work. She generally only settles on the breast or with white noise! Do you think this is colic? Any tips for relieving her?

Em + Jen 5 weeks 4 days


  • It sounds like it could be colic. My boys both suffer awfully with wind and sometimes its just impossible to get it up. They cry and get upset. Im not sure if this is colic but we use Dentinox in their bottles which helps with the wind sometimes and we also have borrowed some anti colic fittings for our Tommee Tippee bottles and they seem to be doing the trick at the moment. Its horrid to listen to them cry and not be able to do anything about it. Ive been told that it doesnt hurt them but im not sure.

    The good news is it doesnt last long. 12 weeks might seem like a lifetime but each day is a step closer.

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (9+6)
  • Have you tried leaning her forwards over your arm (so your arm is pressing against her tummy) and rubbing her back. We used to do this with Abby and it worked a treat!
    Good luck - colic is horrid, but it doesn't last forever.
  • if this is a one off thing and only just happened then its more likely a growth spurt, which occur around 6 weeks so ur lo is due one. she'll need extra feeds to get her thru it but othervthan that i'm afraid u just have to ride with it, i very much doubt its colic if its only just started now, and more likely her being grumpy due to said growth spurt. hth xx
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