Sitting up!

Me again...making up for not posting in a while! lol!

My boys are 9 months on Monday and, although they are marked as a month behind, im starting to panic again! (Sorry coco if youre reading this!)

They still arent sitting up on their own. For ages theyve been sitting with support (between someones legs, in Bumbo's, when there is someone to catch them!) but not on their own for longer than 10 or 15 secs. I worrying because they are big boys and Ryan especially will need to go into his next stage carseat soon as he is near to poking over the top of his Cabriofix, and they say they should be able to sit up independently for 20mins or so. It doesnt feel like theyre ever going to get there at the moment!

Tell me im worrying over nothing....again!


  • dont worry all my boys didnt sit up til10 months and DS2 was a big chunky boy they too were marked as month behind as all 5 weeks early it wil come and if amything likemy boys they sat then crawled stood up walked all by their first birthdays x dont worry x
  • Do you have the birth to five book? Mine states that if a baby is not sitting unaided by 9 months to contact your HV. As your boys are a month behind I would think that you wouldn't need to worry just yet, not until 10 months. I am sure they will do it in their own time.
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