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Allergic to cot!! lol

I have just written about my 10 month old daughter, similar problem. I can't get her to go off in her cot and she's been in with us since Christmas as she was ill (and still not right). I am sitting here at the moment listening to her screaming in the next room and don't think I am strong enough to listen to her but I need propper sleep myself so I know I have to do it.


  • have you seen the glowe bairs they sell them in wolworths they have a mood light in and are fasinating to watch that helped my daughter, but i also had to stick out that horrible screaming faze most night it ended up with her being sick endless times but after a short while we got there be strong x
  • My little girl is now six months, last month we were having problems with her sleeping so we decided to try leaving her to cry. The first night was horrible, she cried for 35mins, I felt like the worst mother in the world! However once she had gone to sleep she slept through! The second night she cried for 15mins, the next night for 5 mins and on the fourth night she 'talked' to herself for a few minutes and then went queitly to sleep! She has slept really well ever since so stick with it, it is horrible to here them cry, but lovely to know that they have had a goodnights sleep the next morning. Good luck. Kerry
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