FAO Tiger Lily

Hi hun

Just wondering how Gabe & you were doing? Did u both manage to get any sleep?


  • erm maybe about 4 hours but oh got less as he was pushing his pram all night - he would only sleep there! he is terrible, he has only had 5oz so far today as i think it is hurting his throat to drink. he isnt eating much solids either maybe a few spoons. wont be put down for a second unless in pram! i saw GP this morning who has prescribed some cough medicine & says he does sound very wheezy so to bring him bk thurs for antibiotics if no better...just to give him chance to fight it himself first. he is asleep in sling now!!!
    thanks 4 asking after us hun....hows charlotte is her teething any better xx
  • She still wont have her milk out of her bottle so I'm giving it to her from her cup. Messy but at least she has some. Another tooth is cutting thru, to the left of her left front one. I thought her right front one would come thru next?! So I know it's def teething and I'm sure more will come very soon!
    She's also a lot more mobile now, getting up on her knees and trying to stand so I think she's going thru a developmental stage.

    Give Gabe a kiss from me & Charlotte and I really do hope he gets better soon (and gives you & oh a good night's sleep).
  • Thats great - Gabe's 2 bottom teeth are cutting through, I don't reckon it will be long now as you can really see them.
    I gave him medised last night and omg what a lifesaver. He slept 7pm - 6am - he doesnt sleep that well when he's NOT poorly! Then we had a nap on the bed together this morning - I feel really lazy today...
    He woke up a lot happier and had 5oz in his 1st bottle and 3oz in the second so better than yesterday but I think its his gums hurting like you say with Charlotte, it must be painful to suck the bottle. Bless them! Why does teething have to put them through so much eh!

    Well done charlotte for standing...Gabe hasn't had the chance to roll more lately as he hasn't been put down on the floor at all!!! I think he has forgotten how to do it. xx
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