Steralising toys?

Hi ladies,

I've just got Benjamin a 'activity toy' - don't know how to describe it & that's what it says on the packet! Anyway, it is likely that it is going to end up in his mouth - should I steralise it? It's made of plastic - it won't melt will it :\?

Sorry if that's a daft question!


  • it should say weather you can on the packet we have lost a few teething rings after hubby put them in the steriliser as they melted!! image
  • If you have a cold water steriliser, you can. If not, then it may well melt! :lol: I use Dettol wipes for my lo's toys. xx
  • I spray some milton antibac spray on LO's toys every couple of days. I think you can also sterilize some by putting in a pan of boiling water for 5 mins/sticking in the dishwasher - depending on material!
  • I use either Milton solution or Milton wipes on toys :\)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
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