Right, I know you lot will know this one

When and where is In the Night Garden on on television (freeview for preference)?

I don't watch much television during the day and Peter has only ever watched the tennis and the Tour de France so far, but I have just been informed that ITNG is narrated by Derek Jacobi. As he has, hands down, my favourite voice of any actor, I am going to have introduce this program to my son just so that I can listen! :lol: But of course I have no idea when it is on but figured you ladies would be able to help. image


  • if youg et cbeebies it is on at 6pm but it is also on through the day at some point and it is prob on BBC2 at some point too!

    Have you heard any more re the job?
  • It's on Cbeebies (freeview channel 71) three times a day, 11.00 (I think, might be 11.30), 14.30 and then 18.00 as part of the bedtime hour.
  • we have sky so cant help with the channel but its on at 11am and again ither 4 or 5 (cant remember now ) and its cbeebies

  • Cheers, m'dear. We do indeed get cbeebies so will be setting the dvd recorder (as 6 is dinner time at the moment).

    No news about the job yet. The closing dates is 11th September so I should know more a week or so after that. Luckily I have plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime, especially as we are now weaning Peter properly which is turning out to be both messy and time consuming!
  • oh that mess - I remember it well and it continues!

    Right ho I will look out for more info on the job later in Sept then!
  • Sorry, was responding to CC when Bedhead and fall3n-ang3l replied. Thanks, ladies. 11 is good news as Peter is usually awake from his morning nap by then. Looks like I will have lots of options.
  • Ooo I was reading in one of my baby food books you can give full fat yoghurt over the top of sliced/mushed/chopped fruit such as mango, apple, pear or peach...I know you were asking about this the other day!

    Good luck with job, fingers crossed for an interview! ITNG is fab, love Derek Jacobi's voice. x
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