anyone used it? and is it worth buying? my daughter is 4 weeks and had colic quite badly at night we are in desperate need of sleep. have used infacol dentinox an gripe water to no avail! she is breastfed how easy is it to give? do you have to give it before every songle feed?
thanks in advance x


  • Hayleys, you have to express right before each BF into a sterile container, then add 4 drops to your breast milk (says a couple of tablesoons full but I get out whatever I can) and then you have to feed it to them from a spoon.

    It is a blddy pain in the a** to be honest and I dread doing it...not even sure if the colief is making a difference as Ju gets such horrible colic and wind and sometimes we get a little respite so don't want to stop it!!

    Is SOOO much easier giving it when you give a bottle...yet another obstacle eh! Now I am expressing and giving bottle of EBM in day, it feels so much less stressful but I still do it during the night. Bless ya, I so feel your pain and you're doing great. We 6 weeks today and from today, I've had to start the new regime because Juliet still won't stay latched on (you know it all from dec forum, I'm sure so I won't bore you with details again!) and I have to say I do feel a lot more relaxed.

    If you can manage keeping on, good for you though girl. I reached my absolute limit and so now feel a little better that can still give the BM but feel sad we haven't been able to make the BF work during the day...god knows why. I will try again though but won't be looking forward to the colief administering drama!!

    Good luck chick, you're doing great! Just read your posts on BF forum and sounds like we've been having such a similar experience, so far. xxxxxxxxx
  • why not see if you can get it on a prescription from your chemist and if it work get it on repeat from your doc. if your little one is signed up to the minor elements program they can print a prescription for you and fill it while your in the chemist
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