Any one else write a diary

Hi girls, this is a suggestion as well as a question, when Jack was about 2 months old i started writing a diary, nothing too in depth but just a few lines nearly every day about what he's been doing and what i've been up to and how i'm feeling etc, i read it back last night and it had me really laughing in parts and it was so lovely cos there are little things i'd forgotten about and times where i'd had a rant to myself about h2b etc, so funny. I am going to keep this up because i can imagine in a few years time it would be absolutely lovely to look back on and i've added little pictures and stuff, i would definitely reccommend this.


  • What a lovely idea! I meant to do one with Kelsie but I forget. Jack is 14 weeks now so I may start one now!

  • hi, iv a;ways wrote in a diary, iv had one since i was 7 i still have them all, its great too look back on!

    iv also got jayden a special box where i keep his first vest in, bands in, all the special things. i have one too, love looking back, old love letters etc lol x

  • We do this too, but I fill it out weekly. Haven't filled it in for four weeks now so am feeling a bit guilty! Will have to hope Riley has a nap tomorrow and do it then. xxx
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