really worried about jayden

hi,jayden had sickness and diahrear for 4 days now, hes crying all the time and pooing everywhere and sicking all the time, well last night his eyes sunk in, and he hadent no wet nappies, i rang out of hours doctors and had to take him hostpical, they checked him over and he his a little detrayed and for me to water his bottles down a bit, he also has a ear infection and on antibotics.

he slept from 10 this morning till 1 had a bottle and slept again till 6 with waking in beteen scraming bless him, i jus dont know what to do 4 him.

has any one eles baby had this, how long did it last feel so sorry for him. xx


  • Poor thing! The antibiotics will take a day or so to get in his system.......stick with the watered down feeds to keep him hydrated as best you can. How old is he? Can he have calpol or nurofen? Only other thing I can suggest for now is lots of cuddles - if u can, lay skin to skin as the smell of mummy shud help calm him....just lay a blanket over you both so u don't get too cold but ur body heat will keep him warm enuff.

    Hope he's feeling better soon xx
  • Harry had this, but fortunately not for so long. How old is he? I think the rehydrations sachets are for two months and over if that helps. Harry wolfed his down and started to get better after a couple of hours. I think they're called Diarolyte or something. I hope he gets better soon. Keep offering water too - all the time. xxx
  • Hun get yourself down to the shops/chemist and get some dioralyte, it works wonders and is important when replacing the vitamins and salts they loose from being sick and having diarrhoea. It taste of blackcurrent and harri loved it!! Hope he feels better soon, take care xxx
  • hi, hes nerly 6 months, will go and get some dioralyte tomorrow, feel so bad for him, hes mostly so livly and demanding,!

    hope he gets better soon, i keep giving him sips of water but its so hard to get him to take it. thanks xxx
  • Also dont worry to much about him eating but just make sure he drinks plenty! Might even do him good to go without for a bit to give his tummy a rest xx
  • Hi, Nathan has had this sickness bug recently, I hope that Jayden is feeling better soon. Make sure you get Dioralyte as I got an own brand which were for 1yr+ so I was scared to use them. Lauren used to get a lot of ear infections and her temp would get very high, clapol worked wonders for it.

    Hope he's better soon.

  • Hi, just wanted to say hope your lo feels better soon. Am sure the antibiotcis will kick and he'll feel more himself again. Think I'll get sone of that Dioralyte in just incase too x
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