Its Painful and im worried!

Can anyone help.. I gave birth nearly 7mths ago.. Each time ive tried 2 have sex with my partner i get a sharp bruise like pain shooting around the 'inside' and its fairly painful. Lubricant helps only slightly. I had a torn perenium so had stitches, all healed now but made me anxious about intercourse.. Cld it be fear of pain that causes pain? Please help. X


  • Your right it could be psychological but it will only ease your mind if your get yourself checked out as it may be from the delivery or the stitches. Good Luck x
  • i think maybe bcoz you are anticipating the pain and tensing up it makes it even worse. i know it may sound gross but have you tried yourself? to see if the pain is still there, im was told this is a good way to test the water before you start having sex again to make sure tis comfortable and theres nothing wrong. also on that embarrassing illness program the other week, a woman had severe pain during sex and she had prolapsed anus into her vagina so that may be worth talking to a doc about? xxx
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