Milk Question

Hi girls

just needing to know what you think about this................

Ryan is 8 months old on sunday and has been on 3 bottles a day since about 6 months.
He eats solids brilliantly, has 3 meals a day, finger foods etc.

His food routine is 6-7 oz for brekkie (1oz inc in porridge) at 7am
lunch, fingerfoods, yogurts, cheese,etc at 12noon
6-8oz bottle at 3pm
dinner, jar or my food plus pudding at 5:30pm
then 5-7oz bottle for bed
then thats it till 7am next morning

This has been going fine till this last week, he seems to have only been wanting to take about 3-4oz from his 3pm bottle and is not really interested in that amount either i just try as hard as i can to get him to take it.
Also he is on gavascon for sickness which has been great, his sick is non excistant apart from this week always after this 3pm bottle he starts to puke for rest of day, fine all day up until then.

So im wondering do you think Ryan is ready to drop this bottle, cos he never crys for it, i just offer it out of habbit and assume he is gonna drink it all.

What do you girls think, have anyone elses lo's done anything similar.

Sorry to waffle on, will be greatful for any advice.


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