What were your LOs doing at 6 months?

Hi ladies

My girls will be 6 months old next week but only 4 months corrected. I'm finding it hard to figure out whether they're closer to their corrected age or actual age in terms of development. We see other babies of a similar age but I find it really hard to tell whether they're behind or not?

I want to take them to a baby music class which is from 6 months and I want to make sure that they are not going to be too little in terms of their development to get the most out of it and whether I should wait a couple of months. All the classes we've been to so far have been from birth or 3 months.

The books I have are all a bit vague and I know all babies are different but I wondered what your LOs were doing at 4 and 6 months?

The girls are not rolling right over but can get onto their sides. They sit unaided for a few seconds before they topple but can sit for ages when holding onto a finger from each hand. They also like to stand and can support their own weight while being held for a few seconds. They're shouting, cooing etc. and grabbing the cot mobile/playmat/toys etc. but don't hold onto them for long. They also smile, laugh and giggle but are tentative with strangers. We're weaning at the moment as this is based on actual age and then grab the spoon and are quite good at using their sippy cups themselves as long as I put both hands on the handles for them. They suck their fingers but not their thumbs (they do have dummies) but are not really putting toys to their mouths.

I know all babies are different but does this sound like your LOs at 4 or 6 months?

Thanks xx


  • Hi, I would say they sound quite similar to my Joseph who is 5 months. He has rolled right over both ways now but often just gets as far as his side. He's not such a fan of sitting or standing though, thinks it's a game to slouch down when we sit him up! lol He does put EVERYTHING in his mouth now though and has got really good (too good) at grabbing anything within reach - pens, tickets, shopping list, coaster, toast etc! as well as his toys. He can't use a sippy cup yet. So I would say they are similar, but obviously different things have come on a bit quicker. I don't think he could do all the things you describe at 4 months so it sounds like they are doing really well. HTH xx
  • hi at 4 months ds was rolling from back to front, and sitting with support. at 6 months he was rolling in all directions, siting unaided and beginning to crawl. he's now 7 months and crwals like theres no tomorrow, pulls him self up to standing and has two teeth. I wld say ur girls sound around the 5-6 month mark whicnh is fantastic considering their corrected age. xx
  • They sound like they're doing really really well!
    Toby is nearly 6 months (just under 2 weeks away!) and he's sitting up on his own and standing well with a lot of support, but he's only rolled over from front to back a handful of times! Never rolled from back to front. I think the times he rolled front to back were more a fluke because he hated tummy time at that point! Toby is very very vocal, and his latest thing is blowing raspberries constantly!!! He tried to use a sippy cup but isn't great with it. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. He has been grabbing things you hold in front of him for a while now. His newest thing is being able to see something and reach out for it. Really having to watch him now - cutlery at the table, cups etc. etc.!
    Your girls sound amazing! xxxxxxxxx
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