What would you do?

One of Dave's friends died last week trying to save her 8 year old son. She died after her 12ft dinghy overturned near a sluice and she was dragged into a whirlpool along with her 8 year old son, partner and 2 friends. The others all managed to scramble to safety but watched helplessly as she was pulled downstream. It seems she managed to get a hand to him and that was enough to take him to the surface. As soon as he was rescued to safety he said "I drowned twice but mummy saved me".

Makes me wonder what the hell I would do in that situation, obviously I'd want to save my child, but supposing Dave and 1 of the children weren't with me, that could potentially leave Kelsie or Jack without a mummy. Suppose maternal instinct would kick in and you'd do whatever you felt there and then.

Its so sad to think of not being around for my children. :cry:

She was so brave. So lovely as well.



  • Oh deary me! thats horrible. what a brave, selfless lady! i would like to think i would throw myself into any amount of danger to save my boy but until your in that situation you just never know.
    I have heard of mums leaving their children behind in burning houses because their self-preservation thing kicks in and they just have to get out! so who knows which end of the scale id be.
    I know one thing for sure, i couldnt bear to live a life without my son in it! so in that sense id do whatever it took to keep him safe! he's my life!
    its a horrid thing to think about isnt it!
  • What a horrible tragedy...I try very hard not to think about these things as they would drive me mad.

    What her little boy said, is so moving. At least he will know he had a very brave mummy.

  • Thats terrible news Garfield.
    I think like you said instinct would kick in and maybe you wouldnt think about anything else except how to save your child....I think your body takes over in these high tension situations.
    Pray to god im never in that sort of situation,very brave lady!
    I know this is no were as bad,but its an example of how you just react...
    When I was about 13 i had a jack russel which i adored,one wintery day i took him a walk down by the river as usual,he fell through some ice and couldnt seem to pull himself out,so i crawled to the edge and promptly fell in!!!!!!!!!!!bloody dog got himself out!luckily i did manage to get out safe and run home cursing my dog lol.
    Looking back I realise it could of been alot worse and nine times out of ten i think the animal usually manages to get themselves out of danger!
    Just goes to show people react when something they care about is in danger!
  • I know....its really got to me. When Dave told me I just stood over Kelsies cot and just stroked her hair. She and Jack are the most precious things to me ever. The love I have for them is so unreal.

  • Bloody hell what a tragedy.

    I think maternal instinct would kick in with me, in fact I know it.

    Don't really want to think about it though...
  • oh thats so sad, i think we would all do it for our little ones though, what a brave woman I rally feel for her babies tho.
  • I do too, and then get upset from thinking about them!

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