What do you put baby in once outgrown bouncer?


My little man is almost 6 months so the bouncer he has been in will be no good soon. My question is, what do we put him in next? The bouncer has been great as he can go in there and have a wee sleep, play with his toys etc all whilst I am in the kitchen or lounge doing jobs. What comes next, what do you advise ladies? We don't want to go mad spending lots of money on all manner of things.

Thanks for any replies.

Sue xx


  • Hi my LO is 5 1/2 months and spends most of his time in his door bouncer or playnest xxx
  • Hiya
    My DD likes being in her high chair (she's 20 weeks) which helps me get on with "longer" jobs image
    But she also likes being in her activity centre or playnest (can only get away with about 15 mins from these things though lol!!)
  • once ds was trying to sit we stopped using the bouncer and got an activity roundabout, which he loved, and at 10 months we had to stop using that as he learnt to climb out of it, but then he was sitting unaided from 5.5/6months so got a good while out of it, plus it was bargain of the century...??3 from ebay!!!! other than that before he started crawling i wld just let him have a wriggle about on the play mat,or door bouncers are always a fave too xx

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