BF baby suddenly refusing EBM from bottle (also in BF'ing)

Hi ladies

Because Lyvi was premature and so small she started life by having EBM from a bottle. Once she learned to latch on she'd still have a bottle of EBM from daddy quite often. Then for one reason or another we didn't give her a bottle for almost 2 months. Then about 3 weeks ago I went to the hairdresser and hubby gave Lyvi a bottle while I was out and she was fine - in fact she took 7oz, the most ever! Then we tried again about a week ago (so 2 weeks after taking the last bottle) and it was a struggle and we only managed to get about 3oz into her. Then a few days later hubby and I went out for the first time without her and left her with my mum and she completely refused to take any EBM from the bottle. We thought it might have been because it was someone else so hubby tried the other day and this time she completely refused to take any milk until I'd given her some on the breast and then I managed to get about 2oz into her. We wondered if it was the milk as it had been frozen and defrosted - so I smelt it and tasted some and sure enough it didn't smell or taste nice! (but defintiely not 'off') So I wondered if perhaps I'm just one of those women who has high levels of Lipase in their milk which makes it taste horrible once frozen. So in hopes I expressed this morning and we tried to give that milk to her this afternoon, but again she completely refused and was getting really upset, arching her back and crying :cry:

So it's not because someone else is feeding her or because the milk has been frozen and tastes frunny now.

Could it be teething? Her gums do seem to have been troubling her lately a lot but so far no teeth. I was wondering if the teet of the bottle hurts her gums more than my nipple?

Any other suggestions or things we could try? After months of the HV going on at me to leave her with someone else I've plucked up the courage to do it and now she won't take any feeds apart from my breast!


Love NN and Olyvia xxx


  • Hi Hun,

    I've had exactly the same thing with Mabel.

    She started off on EBM like Lyvi, then learnt to latch on and had an occasional bottle of EBM when we were out and about. She didn't have one for about 3-4 weeks a while ago and when I tried to give her one she wouldn't have it. I tried everything and have one of every bottle going and she just won't take a bottle any more.

    If I'm honest, I'm secretly quite pleased because now I can't leave her with anyone else even if I wanted to - which I really don't! Plus, it made me get to grips with public feeding.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful - Lyvi obviously just really, really loves her Mummy, just like Mabel!

    B xx

  • could it be the teats are not big enough, it might be she needs the next size or it could well be teething x
  • I have heard other ladies using those doidy cups to give babies EBM. Baby can lap from them instead of having a bottle. It is supposed to make the transition from breast to cup easier.
    As I said it is just something I heard, I've not any experience of it myself

    Joanna x

    It might just be her gums though...or a strange sensation? She might also be better at expressing her needs/wants better than she was and knows that mummy has the best milk :\)

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  • how old is she now? my son was breast fed from birth but at about a month old i introduced a bottle of expresssed milk which initially he took to fine however suddenly at 5 months he started refusing it and now at 7 months i haven't managed to get anymore than 3 oz into him and i can only manage that when he is half asleep. I too tried other people feeding him but he is worse with them than me. i have tried different bottles and he is happier with tommee tippee ones and i have tried different flow rates but I haven't found an answer i am afraid.
  • hi nik. i have not read the other relplies as esme needs a change, but i have tasted the defrosted milk and its really not as nice as fresh. esme isnt keen to take frozen, but will take fresh expressed. dont know why i am still stockpiling milk tbh!
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