controlled crying

Hi girls,

need to know if anybdy has done controlled crying and if they have any advice and tips, this is the last resort and im unsure on how to do it?

thanks xx


  • we used cc. they suggest that you leave to for 5 mins to start and then slowly extend the time they are left for. a word of warning it is upsettin to do at times.i found that going in and strokin his face until he calmed down and then left again. i never left him alone if he got in a state. like i said it is hard but fin has slept through from 9 weeks and at 7 months sleeps 7-7. hope that helps and good luck. xxx
  • hi hun, i did cc with oliver at around 7m
    i left him for 5mins to begin with, it is really heart renching, but worth it in the end image
    the longest he cried was 20 mins (a lifetime) but went from waking every 2hrs to sleeping through in 4 days
    xxx good luck xxx
  • im starting this on sun night. not looking forward to it but have to get him into a routine before i go back to work.

    good luck.

    becs and jack 7 months xx
  • CC worked brilliantly for us. Started off with 2 mins though as was really hard, then 5. Depends on the cry aswell though. Found that i made it worse if it sounded like the crying was changing - ie calming down. Then i knew to leave it longer. But worked so quickly, and it meant i had peace of mind with the sleep! xxx
  • For those of you who have tried controlled crying and have found it to work - when you went in to the room after a certain period of time (e.g. 2mins, then 5, then 7 etc) did you stay with your lo until they calmed down or did you just pat them to let them know you were there, or what else did you do? I'm considering trying this but not sure at the mo if I'm strong enough!
  • hi we tried cc with my 1st lo and it worked.I found it really hard and cried nearly as much as matt but it was well worth it in the end. gona start this week with my 2nd as she refuses to settle after 3am . If matt was really distressed i would go and let him know that i was there. like a friend of mine said ur baby cant scream louder than the volume ur tv can go up to image typical male x
  • We just went in, tucked him back in and left. didn't say anything, just made sure he knew we were there. Also i used to get v v paranoid about stuff when i could hear him so stayed as far away in the house as poss so i could just hear him and then moved closer when he was quieter. Hoovering helkps image Our house was SPOTLESS for that week! xx
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