Please recommend a book on weaning

...title says it all really! :\)

We'll be starting to wean Adam in a couple of months and I like to be prepared!

Thank you! xx


  • i found the annabel karmels 100 top purees really helpful in the first few months until i found my feet with it...i also recommend thta u join the hipp baby club they sent me a guide/chart iwth how and when to introduce solids and how to progress (like when and how to up intake and when to move on to lumpier foods, otehr food types etc) i found it very very helpful and it's a good slow guide too so ur not rushing antthing, worked fantastically for ds when we started weaning at 23weeks. hth xx
  • Annabel Karmels New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner has been very useful for me xx
  • Kind of depends on what kind of approach you are wanting to take - if you are at all interested in BLW or want to find out more about it I highly recommend Gill Rapley's book, Baby Led Weaning (imaginative title!). I found it a really interesting read even if you decide not to do it (although having read it I am definitely going to give it a go).

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  • I would second the Gill Rapley Baby led weaning book. It is a really interesting read if you are thinking of going down the BLW route. (I think I saw the book free with one of the baby magazines at the moment.)
    CG xx
  • yes i read this book and found it very interesting, and BLW my daughter from 6 months and loved it would defiantly recommend! x
  • I also recommend the BLW book by Gill Rapley, very interesting read, we'll definately be trying it with our lo. Traditional weaning really stressed me out with dd1.
  • I'm going with BLW one too. Amazing! My dd and I love BLW and even if you don't want to BLW its got a lot of fab stuff in it that makes so much sense.

    For the more traditional approach I'd say the annabel karmel complete planner.

  • There is a Gill Rapley BLW book is free with the Baby & Pregnancy magazine that's out now. Not sure if it's the same one that people are recommending it but I've bought it, just to have a read over and thought I'd let you know xx
  • Defiantley the BLW weaning book it makes complete sense even if you don't end up doing BLW it helps you understand and approach feeding better, and the annabel Karmel complete meal planner x
  • I'd recommend the Gill Rapley book as well, we didnt do BLW from the start but we did switch to it after learning what a pointless frustrating pain in the arse 'normal' weaning was, and I wish we'd started with BLW. We fed a lot of finger foods from 6 months and it's so much easier. I will never do annabel karmel......I made her butternut squash risotto and Lo HATED it, I think her food is far too fussy for babies who are learning about food and espec for families like us who only ever buy fruit n veg like apples, bananas, carrots, sweetcorn, broccoli, peas....the dull cheap It's also dead easy there is no teaching them to open for the spoon they just get on with it while you read a book or watch telly (while supervising them ofc) . Having said that I personally think AK's squash risotto is very tasty, and it was a favourite of mine when on Slimming world green days, so not a TOTAL waste of time :lol:
  • Annabel Karmels New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner has been very useful for me

  • I have Gina Ford Weaning book which was really helpful at the start of weaning as she highlights certain foods which are harder to digest, or could trigger allergies and therefore better to delay introducing. It's written quite strictly but as with all books I just took bits that worked for us and adapted it.

    The AK Baby and Toddler Meal Planner is good for recipes. There are things in there that I actually cook just me for and OH! (Like the marinated chicken breasts in the toddler section - YUMMMMMY!)

    I give Beth finger foods with every meal too so she doesn't just have purees. Sometimes she wants the spoon, other days just wants to feed herself so this way most bases are covered!

  • Thanks everyone. Does BLW involve missing out the puree stage?? If so, that sounds like the route for me! :\)
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