feeding in the first 24 hours...

hi ladies,

i had my beautiful baby boy yesterday at 11am. he fed for about 30 mins till 1pm, then not again till about 10pm. he hasn't fed since. he didn't sleep much through the night but just wasn't interested in breastfeeding, just wanted to be cuddled.

is this normal?????




  • Hi hun,

    My dd was like this for the first day, she really wasnt interested in feeding and slept most of the time. The mw's on the ward in hospital gave me a row for not feeding her but the bf support workers at the hospital told me not to worry. Labour is a tiring experience for both mum and baby and sometimes babies can take a couple of days to feed properly. They told me that baby would soon enough tell me when she was hungry. Sure enough, the next day she fed for about an hour! I think you only need to worry if he is not interested when your milk comes in.

    Good luck - oh and congratulations on your baby boy image

    L and Emily (7 weeks) xxx
  • What did the midwives say before you left hospital (if you were at hospital and have left lol)

    I wasn't allowed to leave hospital until my son had fed well from both sides and we all had to keep a note of when they fed and for how long. However I don't think he fed that much in the 1st 24 hours which may have been because he was sleepy from the pethidine as well as latching problems which caused me to stop bf after about 2 weeks.

    However at that age they do need to feed often to keep their blood sugar up so if he's still not interested in feeding today then I'd get some midwife advice.

    Congratulations on your baby boy though!!
  • I would ask your mw when she comes round (I presume that will be today?)
    My Lo had no interest in food at all and barely fed for 48 hours, then my mw noticed that she was jaundiced which can affect their appetite (she didn't look jaundiced to me!)

    hope you get it sorted and congratulations on your new arrival

  • Hi Ruth

    Can't really help as Lyvi was early and on a strict wake up and feed every 3 hours but wanted to say....


    I am SO happy for you...that is fantastic news!

    Is there an announcement post somewhere I can go and nose at? :lol:

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx



  • Congratulations. Babies have a brown fat reserve, so don't worry too much. Just speak to your midwife when you see her. xx mithical and James 11 weeks 4 days.
  • aw congratulations!!!! image

    my baby was born at a weeny 5lb 12oz so the midwives were pretty strict with a 3/4 hour feed, i would have to wake her up to feed her.
  • my LO didn't feed at all for the first 36 hours due to latching problems and delayed sucking reflex. he did get a little jaundiced as a result of this. the mws didn't seem too worried but wouldn't let me leave the hospital until he had fed well from both sides, which he eventually did and then made up for it by constantly feeding when we got home! x
  • congratualtions!!!

    when LO was born he didnt feed very often and slept loads, i also had the MW telling me to wake to feed (something he was never impressed by) i did keep a diary of his feeds though to show the midwife and to keep for myself, i was in hospital 4\5 days with him x

    becca and jacob
    13 weeks, 5 days
  • As the other have said...babies feed very little in the first day or so. If you are breastfeeding he may only have a couple of feeds in the first day. By the 2nd day you should try and offer every 4 hrs or so...can be more if he wants it. By the 3rd day your milk will come in and that's when the feeding fest starts!!!
  • Congratulations! Lo was also a reluctant feeder at first and we had to stay in mlu until they were happy he was feeding well. Mws said he had to feed every 3-4 hours and would come round to ensure he was, even had to express some as he hadn't eaten overnight. He also had jaundice and it was a vicious circle for us-his jaundice wouldn't get better until he was eating well, but the jaundice made him sleepy and reluctant to feed. Definitely ask your mw if you see her today, or phone up labour ward and ask them for advice
  • Congratulations!

    Definitely speak to your midwife for some advice, as I think it is very baby-dependent. I looked at this post as my son didn't really feed in the first 24 hours - he was born at 3.17pm, offered him the breast in the delivery room and throughout the evening and he was having none of it, at about 9.30 the next morning he managed to feed for about 5 minutes, then he really wasn't interested again - he was cup-fed expressed colostrum about 4pm, and I think it was after midnight (so over 30 hours after birth) that he finally managed to latch on and have a proper feed, and then he fed normally after that (although he struggled with his latch for a few weeks!). From then on though I was told not to let him go more than 6 hours.

    He was a big-ish baby though (8.5lb) so they weren't worried about him losing weight, and he was quite mucusy from the birth so they said that;d make him feel full so that was why he wasn't interested in feeding. Someone I know though had her lo 4 weeks early and she wouldn't feed, but her blood sugar was dropping so they topped her up with formula. It is normal that a newborn might not take to feeding atraight away, but it does depend on the baby whether it is ok or not.

    Did you give birth in hospital? And were they happy with the feeding before you left? I'd definitely have a word with your midwife and get some advice. I presume you keep offering your breast every so often?
  • Congrats! image

    My second LO was born 13 days ago and was like this. She fed for almost an hour shortly after being born, but then didn't do much more than nuzzle at the boob for around 48 hours. I was advised that this was fine, and to just keep putting her to the breast as even the nuzzling would stimulate milk.

    Luckily she latched on fine after about 48 hours and although she only had small, quick feeds at first she now latches and feeds often, and for at least 10 mins at a sitting.

    So it sounds normal to me! just keep offering and when your milk comes in he should start to show more interest. I would speak to someone about it if he still isn't bothered within 48hours of being born.

    Hope you're recovering well and enjoying your little boy.
  • I think it's fairly normal judging by what the other ladies have said so hopefully your lo will start feeding soon. If he is still not interested, a little tip I was given by my midwife was to strip lo down to his nappy and tickle his feet. xx
  • I think it's fairly normal judging by what the other ladies have said so hopefully your lo will start feeding soon. If he is still not interested, a little tip I was given by my midwife was to strip lo down to his nappy and tickle his feet. xx
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