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Hello Ladies

I ordered the free boots photo book on the 1st Sept after seeing the post on here, it said my dispatch date was to be the 8th Sept. It still hasnt arrived so I have logged into the page and it says that its still in the printing process!

Has everyone who ordered the book received it yet or like me are some still waiting?



  • keeps eating my replies....

    3rd time lucky!

    I ordered mine and received it within a week, it is fantastic quality! I went to order another but the code said it only worked once (for each person!) although im confused as i know some ladies on here said they ordered a few?

    Any ideas of a way round this so i can do another for free?

  • G/C but i used a different email address and name etc to order another one,thats how i got around it

    i ordered my 2nd one the 8th and it got posted the 10th,dont think it should take that long to come hun x

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  • Ds now has his own email address and boots photo account lol! The first one I ordered hasn't arrived yet, but others I ordered later that day came on Thursday
  • Ours was set for dispatch on the 1st but we only received it yesterday. I spoke to customer services about another order I placed and asked and they said they were inundated with orders at the moment.

    I'm so pleased with ours and it was very much worth the wait.xxxx
  • We ordered ours on the 3rd September and it arrived on the 11th September. I think it's great quality and am very tempted to set up another account to get some free mini books for the grandparents! I think they are ??1.99 for postage each, bargain! x
  • I didn't see the first post - does the code still work and if so what is it please?


  • Reeny - I ordered mine yesterday so it still works. It is BOOKBA10.
  • Thanks - I'm on it!!!

  • has anyone used this code today - as it doesn't seem to work with me.
  • I got mine delivered today and I'm thrilled with it! Best ??3.99 I've spent! x
  • I've just made another one ladies, it's still working! X
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