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Hi, nina is 2 1/2 weeks and I'm considering using a dummy for sleep as i have a toddler to consider as well.

Do you think it's possible to us a dummy occasionally, ie not everytime she goes to sleep but just on the odd occasion she's having trouble settling? Or would she end up needing it to get to sleep everytime?

Has anyone used a dummy say just for the first few months? I wondered if I could get away with just using it in the early days?

Would really appreciate some advice. x


  • yeah

    my lo only got her dummy when she was tired and grumpy. Or when we were out and she needed a nap.
    My lo is 5 months and now hardly ever has it although she does suck her thumb at bedtime
    but at least she is not dependent on her dummy
  • My lo had a dummy early on (within first week) as he was comforted by sucking my little finger so i gave it a go and it worked a treat, I don't remember him really 'needing' it to sleep with but if he did it would have only been naps as he didn't need it at bed time... he stopped wanting it naturally after about 3 months or so, just wasn't interested anymore.


  • We use them for sleep/naps.... usually it's out of her mouth once she is properly asleep and she never wakes up for it, so it's really only used for the first few minutes.

    I can't stand finger/thumb sucking so prefer her to have a dummy and hopefully won't start that habit
  • I agree with MrsT, really don't like thumb sucking...My 10 month old has a dummy and is very attached to it, he can fall asleep without it easily though because he has a comforter as well xx
  • Thanks everyone. I'm still trying to decide..I'm not completely against dummies I just can't quite get over feeling a bit guilty about using one, ridiculous I know! I think I'll wait and see how we get on next week when oh is back at work and I'm on my own with the two lo's...scary stuff! x
  • I was really against dummies whilst i was pg (i have no idea y!) but when shewas small my lo liked to suck for comfort so we used a dummy and it was a lifesaver tbh! then at bout 3 or 4 months old she decided she didin't want it ne more and han't had 1 since!
  • yeh millie only has it if shes very unsettled and she will normally spit it out once shes asleep properly other times she wont have it at all, she normally has it for naps though but never when shes awake as shes not bothered about it x x
  • charlie has one he dosnt use it to settle at night only some times for naps if he is really tired and fighting it, he barely uses it once a week.
  • Niamh is 5 weeks and I use a dummy to help her sleep, the MWs and HVs advised me to use it as new NHS guidelines recommend a dummy to sleep now as it reduces the risk of cot death:-


    this is website I was given in my info pack.

  • We only use it for sleeping. I don't see the point when he is otherwise happy. And if he's upset he generaly doesn't want the dummy. Tends to spit to out when sleeping after a few mins anyway. S x
  • Grace has always only had it when going to sleep or very unsettled. Any other time she's too busy to care about it or we've took her mind off it by playing with her.

    Do what you think is best hun

    Lisa xxx
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