Im really sad!

Sat here in tears all because i had a phonecall from the nursery charlies going to be attending when i return to work! It just really hit home that im not going to be with him - i don't want to go back but i can't afford not too - help!:cry: I have to go back 3months so that i don't have to repay some of my smp but then im gonna look at finding a part time job although i think that will be unrealistic as i won't be able to afford to pay our rent, bills, etc... Can i ask how you mummys that work part time manage finacially as i just don't see how it's possible for me but i want to be with my little munchkin. xx


  • i know how you feel i was same when i returned to work after having lewis was so hard, but you adjust in no time and it gets easier!! still horrible when you leave them and there at the window looking at you, felt like my heart been torn out at the time!!, but did him wonders, made friends got him out of house etc!! xx
  • hey,

    I dont have any financial advice but just want to say

    You dont have to pay back smp - only additional maternity - could you do the 3 months spread over more time by only going back part time?
  • Thanks for your replies.x (nice to know im not the only one Sara.x) My work are a bit useless when it comes to working part time, im intially going back mon-thurs and having every fri off as annual leave, this will be from Aug - dec. From then on im not sure what work will let me do? xx
  • My work are being a bit crappy really, it's the local council but they don't seem to understand about flexible working - do you know if employers HAVE to allow flexible working? When i said about flexible working they just said 'oh yes well we're already very flexible, if your child is poorly for example we can make arrangements for your cover - this isn't really what it is though is it?
  • If you request part-time hours they are legally obliged to consider it, but if they don't have to grant the request if they have a good enough 'reason' not to. I would spend some time looking at all the finance options available to you e.g. child tax credits etc. With the cost of childcare you might find that you won't be that much worse off if you did 3 or 4 days a week instead of 5. You could contact someone like CAB for more info about what you're entitled to. Then if it looks possible you could put an official request in to your HR dept. And if they refuse they need to have a good reason, if the reason isn't good enough then you could argue it's sexual discrimination.

    Hope things work out for you. I'm also dreading going back to work, but we've managed to work things out so that I can go back 3 days, it's going to be very tight financially but at least I get to spend more time with lo.
  • HI FM- Really hope you manage to sort something out. Why don't you ring the HR dept & explain that you'd really like to reduce your hours now & are happy to do a job share. Your manager may be crap but the HR dept should be more intelligent!
    The other question is - do you like your job? If not then of course looking for something else makes sense but if you like your job it would be a shame to leave it altogether.
    Lastly (I promise..) - it may not be soooo bad going back. You are worried now because he's still so small but you may find you enjoy being back (even just a tinsie bit).
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