stomach bugs and now not even drinking..?

Harry's had the dreaded stomach bug again. Since friday night. But now he's stopped eating and drinking water. So that includes dioralyte aswell.

Now i'm totally stumped as to what to do. He's still up and about so far, but he's slowly winding down and getting more and more sleepy-lazy. Wouldn't quite call it 'lethargic' yet but its getting there.

Anything you ladies can recommend i do? He actually pushes his cup away, and won't have anything. Not even squash from a bottle (naughty mummy image).

Argh! Getting paranoid that if he does start drinking something soon he'll end up in hospital on a drip. I couldn't cope with that. I'm actually getting really upset about this and its most pathetic!

Help! xxx


  • hey,

    it's not pathetic at all to be upset, its horrid seeing our babys ill.

    can you syringe in some dioralyte? when he's sleepy and having a cuddle just do it gently.

    can you take him to the docs again? although i'm guessing there's not much they can do except look for signs of dehydration.

    fingers crossed he picks up very soon

  • hi honey!!

    if he is not even having fluids, and now becoming drowsy, i would really consider taking him to the GP/ Walk-In centre etc so they can assess him!!

    poor little man!

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