How long did your baby sleep in your room?

Hi there

I'm only 14 weeks lol so planning well ahead!

I had always assumed that the baby should go straight into its own room when it is born.
However my friend who has 2 Lo's said she kept one in with her until 6months and one until 9 months.

I thought that it would be best to get the baby used to their own room staright away, and as it is next door to our room there would be no problem getting up in the night to feed.

I was just wondering what other people did, and what you would advise really.

Any thoughts gratefully received thanks



  • We moved Charlotte (now 13 months) into her own room at 4 months. Mainly cos we were waking her as much as she woke us during the night. It was the best thing we did as the 1st night in her own room she slept thru. I must have checked on her that night about 6 times!
  • I moved Poppy (now 17 months) into her own room at 10 weeks, mainly because she outgrew her crib and her cot wouldn't fit in our room but also because we were all waking each other up so many times throughout the night! She slept so much better from that first night.
    We had a video monitor so I could always see her and I checked on her loads too!
  • 3 weeks. Hubby was going back to work so rather than take her out and in to her room to feed it was easier just to have her in her own room. Also we kept waking her up. I would not feed her in our room even if she slept in it as i think it would be tpp easy to fall asleep. We have a monitor and her room is only next to ours. The monitor clicks on every time there is a noise so i find it wakes me more than if she was in our room.

    You have to do what is right for you! I personally think that if you put them in their own room when they are little it is easier than moving them out when they are older. Once they are older they will be more aware of what is going on.
  • We moved Connor into his own room around 4 months, we intended to keep him with us for 6 but we were disturbing each other and he sleeps a lot better in his own room
    Congrats on the bump!
  • She moved last week!! 19 and a half weeks!! At the same time we stopped her dream feed-we are all more settled!!
  • I moved my LO at five weeks because I could not get him to sleep when he could sense that we were next to him. Just wanted to be cuddled all the time. As soon as I moved him into his own room and put him in his cot for day time feeds he learnt that this is his room where he sleeps and will settle himself easily. He is now 17 weeks and does not grumble when i put him down.
    Good Luck!
  • 10 weeks-ish! cameron also outgrew his moses basket, we were waking each other up and i was keen to get him used to his own room because my sil had problems when moving her lo at 7 months..she had got used to them being there!

    i wouldnt put them in straight away though i think in those early days they need to be close to you and you will be up quite often in the night whether your breast or bottle feeding so its much easier for you to have your lo close by.
  • Thank you everyone!

    I can see there is a big range of ages so I'll play it by ear. I think my husband will be going back to work after four weeks, so it may be that's the time to move baby but we'll wait and see how we feel.

    Thanks again x
  • hey,


    Louise went into her own room at 5 1/2 months, that was what was right for us. I wanted her close by us when she ws little and it was easier for feeding. But, I think we did disturb her as she has mostly slept better in her own room.
  • Mia went into her own room just before 6 months. It's great! I must admit to checking on her a billion times the first few nights but now me and hubby can have a great nights sleep without worrying about waking her up. She sleeps from 7.30pm until 7.30am so it's bliss! xxxx
  • my LO is still in with us BUT will be hopefully going into his own room on Thursday, he has his injections on Tuesday so i'll give him a few days to get over them and then we'll move the cot from our room into his! he's just over 5 months, he'd have been in his own room 3 weeks ago but his injections have had to be cancelled a few times for various reasons and i didn't want him to be in his own room if there was a chance he'd have a reaction x
  • My lo is nearly 10 months and still in with me. Like Naz, my oh works nights so it's always been easier for us to have seperate rooms in the week and baby in with me! He won't be having his own room till when we move out, which will be when he's 12 months +. xx
  • Kelsie moved out of our room at about 12/13 weeks, and Jack will go in with her as soon as he sleeps better overnight, but for the last two nights he's gone up at 9pm slept until 6am with just a dream feed so hopefully he'll go in with her within the next week or two.

  • Thanks again ladies for all the responses, I really appreciate it! x
  • this has helped me too image

    my lo is 10wks and im gonna buy a movement sensor b4 i put him in his cot, hes nearly outgrown his moses basket so not long now!!
  • Rhys was in our room until he was 5months.
    Would of moved him out sooner but it was much easier giving him the night feeds... however he slept much better when he went into his own room!x
  • Erin was in our room until 10 weeks, the health vistor actually advised me to move her into her own room because i was feeding her all night long and she said it was becoming habit forming. When we moved her after 2 weeks she was sleeping through for 12 hours on most nights, it worked much better, and b4 when she slept in our room i used to bring her into bed for a feed and she would end up being there all night and i used to wake up terrified bacause i drifted off whilst feeding her. When we moved her into her own room if she did wake for a feed I used to sit in a wooden (uncomfortable) rocking chair which was more difficult to fall alseep.

    When we have another baby i think that i will put them straight into there own room, this is against governments advise, but also Erin used to wake herself up in her moses basket because she had 'start reflex' (sp) and she used to hit her hands on the sides of the basket and wake up.
  • Zacky shared a room with us til he was 7 months. He had a month or so of bad nights (not settling til around 2am and then sleeping til around noon). In the end I was so tired we moved him from his moses basket in our room to his cot bed in his own room. We then had perfect nights with him going to bed at 9pm and sleeping til 9am. We had always let him spend time playing in his room and cot from a young age so there would be less of a problem when he needed to move. I still miss him not being next to my bed and still have his basket there as it makes a good bedside table LOL

    PS it is advised that babies sleep in the same room as mom til 6 months. But sometimes this just doesnt work.
  • Hi originally I was going to put jamie stright into his cot in this own room. We then decided to start him of in our room in his carry cot. he spent the first 2 weeks in our room in the end which did make those first couple of week breastfeeeding easier. x
  • Lily went to her own room at 5/12 months. We wanted her in with us, but she just outgrew the crib at that time and also started sleeping badly, once we moved her she slept fine!
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