When to knock the dreamfeed on the head???

Hi Mummies
my DD is almost 20 weeks. Goes to bed at 7pm and I DF her at 10.30pm and she goes through to 7/8am.

She takes 5x bottles (including the DF one) per day totalling (roughly) 30oz's. She's also on 2x meals a day - porridge for breakfast around 9am & a vegetable pur????e around 1pm.

I really hate having to rouse her for the DF, I feel like a very mean Mummy!!
But obviously I don't want her waking earlier than 7am for a bottle.

So should I keep it for now but when can I stop it? Or risk it anyway?
She sometimes takes the full 7oz bottle for it but it's usually 5oz's and takes me aaaaages to get it down her!!

Thanks xx


  • I would say go for it now. We dropped Beth's about a week ago and she woke up at normal time anyway (4am) so it wasn't making any difference to her. She's gone to 7am twice since (with an hour of chatting at 5am!)

    You could reduce the amount every few nights until she's only taking a couple of oz to do it more gradually or just drop it totally and see what happens. If she wakes early then you can change tactics.

  • hey hun
    i'd say go for it now too, i stopped waking dd for her last feed last week. instead of having 5x7oz bottles she now has 4x8oz and 3 meals. dropping the last bottle has not changed ger sleeping at all
    good luck i know it's scary dropping the last feed!!
  • I'd say give it a go and see if she goes through! If you find she starts waking earlier or seems more restless you could always reintroduce it! My lo is 13 months and we kept the dreamfeed until 10 months. We found he really wanted it, drained the bottle and slept through. Whereas without he woke in the night hungry! Once he started to stop wanting that feed, he cut it out fine and slept through. Hth xx
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