my belly how big is it already!!!

Hi ladies,hopefully above should be a link to a photo on my facebook of my belly!cnt believe how big i am already,im gonna be huge!!!


  • Wow!! How many weeks are you now honey? xx
  • not sure for certain till scan on the 29th as not had af since b4 grace but if the clear blue digital is accurate then im 7 weeks!
  • Hun you are gonna be huge, such a cute bump already....I am 7 weeks but put 5 stone on with Mason and only lost 1 stone of it so I still have a big belly anyway!!!
    I have my scan on 27th for EDD as not 100% sure either.
    Had a look at your pics of your girls and they are gorgeous. x x x
  • ooh im jealous congratulations babe x
  • thanx all,katie ul have to let me know on your due d8.The scary thing is i had lost all my weight from being pg with grace and was back to my pre preg weight and clothes size so this has come on in a couple of weeks eeekkk!!!
  • Will def let you know due date hun, once I have scan I will post on Due in September, just been lingering on there at mo as was still in shock until a few days ago!!!
    You won't be able to hide it muchg longer from peeps if that is 2 weeks growth,lol.....x x x
  • tell me bout it! i dnt wanna tell holly yet so hope she dnt ask y mu belly is so big!! just bought some baggy tops to attemp to hide it!! zoe itl b u soon i can feel it!!!would b nice 2 be pg together again!!lol xxx
  • Ow I dont have FB so I cant see em but Huge congrats to u hun xx
  • It's a gorgeous bump! x
  • looks like your blooming already, think were about the same, im nearly 7 weeks and have a little bloating, then again that might still be my belly from giving birth 4 months ago lol...
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