reusable baby wipes

Hi all

I remember someone once talking about resuable baby wipes. Does anyone know what they are called?


  • Cheeky wipes

    or you can buy normal washable wipes.

    Both available from
  • You can also make your own with some fleece material! x
  • Or soft flannels!
  • Cheeky wipes are the best we've found relative to cost. The wet & dry bags are great for going around.
    If you want to go with them and get ??5 off your first order just say and i'll send you over a referral code for your ??5 off.
  • Thanks everyone! For those that use cheeeky wipes does anyone know how essential it is to use the oil in the clean wipes box? Would they be ok just using water. The reason being is that I cant use anything fragranced on my lo which is fine at home using water and cotton wool but more difficult when out and about.
  • I rarely use the oil! I use the lemon one in the wash sometimes as it smells really good! And you can soak dirty wipes in the oils instead so the box isn't smelly!

  • you dont need the oil. just the damp wipes. i prefer the flannel cheeky wipes to fleece. i find fleece wipes far too absorbant to make a good bum cleaner.
  • Thanks everyone. You've made my mind up and I'm getting some!

    Kristinmc I'm going to send you a message to get a referral code. Thank you so much!

  • Kristinmc I'm afraid I can't seem to email you but would love the code!
  • i make my own with fleece cut up into strips soaked in camomile tea in a sealable lunch box for at least a 3rd of the price
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