cant put up with bad habit anymore...

jayden never been a good sleeper, up untill 3 weeks ago he was having 2 or 3 bottles in the night, since then hes having 1 but these past 5 nights he goes to bed at 8 and wakes between 10 and 12 and just crys,no actally screams, i go in and feed him, doesnt work, i end up picking him up coz hes sweating and worked his self right up, he then trys to fall asleep on me!! so i put him back in and he screams, so i let him fall asllep in my arms then put him down- still 5 min later hes screaming again, he now ends up in our bed and takes all the room lol and snores and i cant sleep! , he does sleep a lot better in our bed but quite offten wimpers and moans., hes then up at 6 and iv only had a few hours sleep in all, im soo tired

but i cant let him cry in the night can i? im at my wits end were in a top floor flat and have a very olderly women underneath and a old man the side of us,

last year i did cc to get jayden to go down to sleep on his own and had a word with neighbours who said they understand but when jayden wakes i can hear them get up. i dont know what to do, or why jaydene keeps doing this, he 9 months and 1 week! and has NEVER sleept through yet......


  • is it his teeth?
    i find that when dd works herself up with her teeth half an ashton and pearsons powder really calms her down. i can then give her some gel on her gums to numb the pain then she goes back off to sleep (after 10mins of flapping her tongue around because its numb). at 9 months jayden can have a whole powder as he is over 6 months.

    other than that im not sure what to suggest sorry.

    if he doesnt calm down after a powder then youll know its not his teeth.

  • My LO was sleeping through then when she was teething started waking up in the night. I too kept taking her into bed with me until my other half got the hump cos she was taking up too much room and used to go and get on the sofa lol! Anyway i knew we couldn`t carry onlike this so i started to put her car seat blanket in the cot with her and now she generally sleeps through. The only thing is we have to take the bloody thing everywhere with us now!! We also use Nelsons Teething Granules which are really good. You can pick them up from most chemists and they pop in the mouth, kind of like that fizzy stuff you can get when you`re a kid. It`s really good, highly recommend it x
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