also in baby was born in march

Im still moaning about the bottles thing I am so lost image spoke to the hv on monday who told me to get oh to try and get reece to take the bottle, she said if hes hungry enough he'll take it. he didn't properly try until Thursday and its awful, reece just gets himself in a massive state and ends up crying sore, i cant do that to him, its a hard cry, its awful as soon as i lift him and put him on he just sucks away and rubs my hair with his wee handimage

I've had trouble expressing so thought it was may be formula so last night and this morning managed to get enough out to fill the teat of the bottle (I know ffs) and rubs the teat on the milk too, still no joy, he wont take it image

I've tried avent, ttctn, some breastflow brand and am currently waiting on my mam bottles from mothercare (hopefully Tues, with bank holiday). I just dont know what to do, am i supposed to starve him and just hope he twigs on what to do, im so scared i'll give him a fear of bottles and anything going into his mouth and that it will affect him when he is being weaned later on down the lineimage



  • Sorry to hear you are having such a tough few days.

    The best advice I was given when trying to wean Adam off my boobs and onto bottles was to go out. Either one evening or whenever his next feed is due - go out for a couple of hours and leave your OH with Reece and a bottle. If Reece is hungry he *will* drink from it, especially if he knows that your boobs are not available as an alternative.

    Try not to worry about Reece developing an aversion. I was convinced that Adam would always hate water after he screamed blue murder (proper, choking, gagging cries) during his first few bath times. I was in tears after each attempt as he got himself so worked up. However, he now loves his bath and we are starting swimming lessons next week!

    These things can just take a little time, but persevere and you WILL get there and Reece WILL be fine.

  • cheers cath - we have the same activity mat as in your profile pic lol
  • Wasn't able to BF my lo. But I agree with Cath, based on my friend's experience. She needed her lo to take a bottle, so she could be looked after by the in-laws. But lo was having none of it. So she had to not be in the room, perseverence, and lo was fine when at the in-laws. Try a muslin that smells of you, while OH tries the bottle, just an idea. Hope it works out for you. xx
  • thanks mythical will give the muslin a go too, im up fro anything lol
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