I'm the proudest Mummy in the world...

Because my 11 month old daughter took her first steps today!!!!

She keeps taking three steps and then she falls down, she gets up and does it all over again.

She's growing up so fast, I just wish I could freeze time and enjoy her babyness (if that's even a word) some more.

I'm proud of all my kids, they always manage to make me smile, and make everything else that's happening in my life feel so insignificant.

Sorry for the random post I just had to share this with someone.... Makes a change writing a happy post.



  • Well done to your lo ! You'll be running around like a mad thing behind her in no time !!
  • Aaww thanks ladies.

    I think part of the reason she wants to walk so bad is she sees her big brother and sister running around like headless chicken all day, and she got jealous lol.

    hmvdb that necklace charm sound really nice, I wish I could get it.
  • OMG - Well done! There will be no stopping her soon

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