any one know of mummy and baby classes in sheffield

:\?Hi girls, there was a topic on the other day about what classes everyone took their lo's to. Me and Jack don't do anything and i'd really like to get out a bit more and meet some more mummies and their babies, instead of spendin all our time at meadowhall shopping and makin myself skint - lol. Just wondered if anyone was in the Sheffield area and could possibly suggest anywhere or does anyone know if there are any websites which advertise groups etc??? I've just spent ages looking on the net and can't find anything! Thanks for your help girls x


  • hi hun, come to beighton buggy buddies! baby group on a monday morning 9.15 til 11.15ish its really good!! do u know where beighton is? little village south of sheff near crystal peaks. just found out they also do baby yoga and massage near my house ( i live in sothall near beighton) its on a wed afternoon 1pm i think but costs ??5 a session i havent been yet but a girl from baby group goes and says it good so i might try it!
  • awh thanks for that, i live over at Stocksbridge (completely other side of town) when i get sorted with a car though i might come over cos i know where crystal peaks is.
  • oh ur not far from penistone then i think they have some groups there as my friend lives there and use ti take her baby boy to groups there. will look forward to seeing u at our baby group, its really good and fun! xx
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