why can they be so thoughtless

Hi everyone

I need a rant. Are your OH as thoughtless as mine?

I've just started CBT therapy because i'm finding juggling work, home and baby really hard at the moment, The doctor said I have mild depression but severe anxiety. Everything stresses me out and i've been getting worse recently. Lo is 8 months tomorrow and still hasn't slept thru so I'm thinking about Controlled Crying but been putting it off becaiuse of getting up for work 4 days a week and not being in the best frame of mind myself

.....and now he's invited his sister to come and stay with us until her house is nicely decorated and furnished for her to move into (about 6-8 weeks for a sofa!!!) He didn't ask me, just told me lunchtime that when I get home tonight she'd have moved in!!!!! I know she's going thru a hard time as she's divorcing her husband and has moved back from abroad, leaving her two sons there, but sorry that was her choice.

I just can't believe he invited her without consulting me!! Would anyone else's oh do that???!!

thanks for the rant

a stressed out Claireabelle


  • If my hubby invited his brother (doesnt have a sister) to stay with us without consulting me it WOULD be divorce & he knows it but that more coz me & his brother dont get on great.
  • I do get on with her, and I can understand how lonley she must feel - she's got a new house thats totally empty apart from a mattress and she's missing home and her boys (they are in their twenties tho) but I just think i've got enoguh on my plate at the moment without having another house guest and our house isn't huge, its a 3 bed semi so the three of us is enough without another body in the bathroom in the mornings!!!

    I just don't know whether to flip and end up falling out with oh and her or just to shut my mouth and get on with it!!
  • i know its ard but ide just grin and bare it for a few weeks. she will be gone soon. maybe she could do some baby sitting for you. is she c ontributing to the house hld while shes staying with you? xxx
  • my oh would definitely do this, in fact he'd move his while family in if he could, and they'd cokkme without a 2nd thought! however occasionally he has realised that i have feelings too, but i have to be in a real state to be noticed, good luck, if you can, try to help her make friends or get her a social circle so she may choose to move in with someone else or want her freedom, can hardly have late nights at your house with a lo to think about can she!
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