How long between standing and walking?

Hello ladies, my daughter started standing on her own at 10 months - she was obv very shaky at first and would only let go for a few seconds before falling on her bum. A month on and she's getting more steady and confident - she also cruises the furniture all day long!

So I was wondering how long was it after your baby started standing that they started to walk?

Helen x


  • DS1 was 9 half months when he started standing and 11 months when he 1st walked and about 15 months before he was confidently walking. DS2 is just 9m now and has been standing since 7.5 months and walked 2 days before he was 9m! He seems a lot more confident than his brother was already!!

    It sound like a confidence thing, once she works out she could walk, she will be off!

  • Yep she's definitely growing in confidence ... think I need to grow in confidence a bit too, it's terrifying! x
  • it was a good 3 or so months from standing to walking unaided for my LO.
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