What do you do for anniversary?

It's our 2 year wedding anniversary on Saturday, and we haven't planned anything yet! I forgot last year and went to work with out even saying happy anniversary. I feel like we should make some sort of effort this year as i've been so busy with giving Riley all my attention. What do you all do for yours? We'd have to do something which Riley would be able to come along to, as we have no one to have him as my mum is going to London for the weekend. We did a belated meal at our fave restaurant last year, but just feel like we should do something special (but not expensive!) Any ideas?

xxx :\)


  • Why don't you get some yummy food in, starter, main course and dessert, set the table nicely and have some wine (or champagne if budget will allow!!) and have a lovely romantic night in?! No tv on during dinner, no internet surfing and Riley fast asleep in bed!
    Could be very romantic if you make the effort!!
    We were flying home from Mexico last year on our 11th anniversary, my mum & brothers bought us a bottle of champagne to drink on the flight - it was lovely!
  • my auntie normally drives the 30 miles to our house to watch the kids and we go out for dinner and a movie, not really exciting but i dont like being to far away from the kids and neither dose hubby, next year im giving him an early present and taking him to see Jimmy Carr live in glasgow x
  • me and oh have been together 10 years on friday (married 4 this year) but he has to work on sat and can;t make it home for the weekend BOOOO!!!! So i would love it if for our anniversary that he was home and we were gong out to even the pictures or a meal.
    Wishfulll thinking.
  • Me and Steve are rubbish with ours. It'll be our 3rd wedding anniversary this year and we might go for a nice meal somewhere.
    But if we had Lo there we would stay in. Put Lo to bed, put on something nice (clothes) and have a romantic dinner with wine and music.
    In the past we have brought our duvet downstairs and laid it out on the living room over the sofa cusions, dimmed the lights and cuddled up in front of a film with wine and popcorn. Its just nice to make some special time rather than vegging in fron of Enders.

  • Good ideas, thank you very much for replying everyone. Yes, we've been together 5 years and married two now. For our anniversary previously before we were married used to do him a nice bath with candle and buy loads of red stuff, even got red silk bedding one year. Then a meal. Like the ideas of snuggling up with a film, will have to see what new releases there are. Congrats for yesterday Katie! And Fiandrup, sorry your hubby won't be there for yours. xxx
  • we went out to the cinema and a meal. didnt concentrate much then though coz off leaving my boy behind but it needed to be done.
  • We're not married but on mine and oh's anniversary I was giving birth ha ha so now Rhys's birthday celebrations take over from anything else but it's still a lovely way to spend the day n makes sure we won't forget it ha ha x
  • Becci boo, that's lovely! xxx
  • :lol:
    last year for our first anniversary OH decided to move the cement mixer up a 6 foot wall by himself, so we spent our anni in A&E waiting for his split thumb to be repaired.
    As you can guess I wasnt too chuffed about it.
    Have yet to see what he has planned for the next one, but i tell you if he touches anything that can do damage before it i'll not be so patient about it this time ;\)
    (before the wedding - not his fault tho - he had his finger bitten by a dog and spent two weeks off work - the dog bit through the end splitting it into two so it took a while to heal, before Ollie's christening he decided to move a 10 ton lump of concrete... bashed his knee..... getting the idea ? :lol: )

    why not just plan a quiet meal in with a dvd ? image

  • Oh no MummyStephe, I hope he made it up to you! Lets hope your LOs don't develop the same accident prone gene, lol. Is he the same the rest of the year, or is it just around your wedding/anniversary?

    Think we will just stay in with a dvd, will probably have a fight over who should cook though, so maybe we can cook together. xxx
  • its usually just before anything big we have planned. doesnt matter what it is, christening, anniversary, someone elses wedding, birthdays, anything like that really.
    Apparantly he's been like it all his life - broke his arm just before his mums 2nd wedding (or was that his aunties..?)

    am praying to god Ollie doesnt develop his accident genes - OH had 11 sets of stitches in his head alone by the age of 11, and numerous more that were quite as bad - but Ollie already seems to be a bit clumsy and bump prone. :roll:

    (and no he didnt make it up to me... expecting a super duper one next time ;\) )
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