Crazy man in Cumbria!!

Anyone else watching the news??

Scary stuff!!


  • I know, I saw it at lunchtime.

    It's the sort of thing you hear about happening in America but don't think will ever happen over here.
  • eh? whats this? x
  • They've found him now, think he shot himself.

    He never got as far down as us, but managed to cover a surprising area on foot! image was only 20 mins away from us - by car though...

    My sympathies go to the families involved. I'm waiting to hear from a friend who i *think* was a relative of the gunman.

  • Omg Hun!! That's still close! I'd be pooing myself!!

    Horrible thought that things like this happen! I'm sat hugging my horrible to think that this man was someones son and was once as inncoent as our little babies! And those people that are dead/injured are peoples sons/daughters ..horrible! Xx
  • Oh god now their saying he shot his mum too xx
  • whats happened?
  • just had a quick google

    appears he went on abit of a rampage! my sister used to live ebtween white haven and egremont and they also lived in lamplugh so close to where this as all happened, thank god her and the kids are back down ehre now! wonder if my niece has heard about it, she's still in touch with a lot of her old school mates from up there. scary and really sad! x
  • local reports are saying he could have killed 10people including his mum!!!
    I was only watching a docu on discovery the other day about that Michael Ryan with the Hungerford shootings and it sends shivers down my spine

    doesn't bear thinking about!!
  • This is so scary! I don't watch the news but was conntacted by my cousin who is on holiday where the first shooting were and she was advised to stay in doors. It doesnt bare thinkning about.
    My thoughts are with all the families involved x
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