advise me on pushchairs plz!!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good xmas. We want to get Charlie a new pushchair, we have a second hand pram that although we were grateful for its very big and bulky! Can you advise me on any good pushchairs, Charlie is only 7weeks so it needs to be suitable from birth and nice and cosy for him, it also needs to fit into a small boot (clio). i like the look of the quinny buzz but am open to ideas.xx


  • hi well don hav 1 but a friend has d silvercross 3d pram n thinks it fits in2 her small boot fine. i hav a bugaboo but it takes up a lot space wen my 1st daughter was 18mons i changed it to a maclaren techno xt which can also be used from birth but its long wen folded n sumtims hard 2 fit in2 my audi a3. but now i'v got a twin buggy called phil n teds cos jus had a 2nd who's 12wks n can also be used as a single buggy from birth but is also bulky n seems my toddler is outgrowin it fast at 23mon. hop u got sumtin out of it. n good luck buyin d right 1 for u n ur baby
  • hmvbd - can't agree with you on jane slalom pro. I have had my boy in the pushchiar mode from around 8 weeks as it goes completely flat. He is VERY comfy in it, I got their foot muff, he is so comfy and warm and loves it. Now he is almost 16 weeks and is doing great in it. Love the pushchair though it is a bit on the heavy side. Also have the matrix cup carseat for it, works great for us! Don't know how it works with boots (don't have a car), but it has fitted in all taxis we have taken :P Besides if it s not quite fitting, then the wheels pop off with one button ...

    Hope you solve your pushchair problem, funkeymonkey83!
  • I have the Quinny Buzz and am pleased with it as far as manoeuvreability goes - it's light and easy to move about and LO is comfy and snug in it (do you have the Maxicosi car seat, which it's compatible with?)

    Just a couple of things, though: it doesn't fold like an umbrella, it folds flat, so you need quite a big car boot and wide space to store it in your house. I'd check that you can get it in a Clio boot before buying (the wheels do pop off easily if necessary but the frame itself is still quite wide).

    Also: it's not great for storage space. You can buy a shopping basket (??15) which hangs underneath but it's not very big or deep.

  • I have a Graco mirage. And I absolutely love, love, love it. It is the most easy pram I have ever pushed and incredibly simple to use and Gabe has always seemed comfy in it since birth and can sleep for ages in it. It fits in my boot (ford fiesta) easily.

    Just a few issues with it doesn't face you, and it only has 2 seat positions (lying flat and sitting up - no inbetween - which wouldnt be an issue now but is when baby is about 3/4 months) xxx
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