Bed with no milk?

Gabe is 6.5 months and has always loved his milk but tonight for some reason he refused his bedtime feed entirely - wouldn't even have a sip!

He'd had lots of milk (3 7oz bottles) in the day and food (3 meals plus some finger food - toast & bit of mummys cake lol). So maybe he was full. But he's always had a bedtime bottle and though he went to bed fine at 8, I can't help thinking poor baby went to bed with an empty tummy! xx


  • Yeah he could be - though I'd prefer him to drop a day feed, maybe will try giving a snack instead at 11 or something instead of milk! I am just so used to him eating well. Will see how he goes.

    Mil had him tonight and she says his skin is much better, the thing is I am still having to use the steroid cream every so often as the diprobase doesn't seem to stop it getting worse?

  • Thats true - when we went to Malta it completely disappeared. Also my oh has always suffered with problem skin even tho he is 22 now but it cleared up too - magic that sun is!!!

    Thanks for the advice girls, I think you're probably right. He is definitely teething,his gums are very very white and he's dribbling like crazy with runny poo! It is just so unlike him, refusing milk.

    He's still asleep but tbh i can see him waking soon for a bottle - I'd be surprised if he sleeps thru! xx
  • As for the diprobase, chloe had very bad eczma as a baby and it didnt work for her.

    The steroid cream cleared it up quickly and she aint had it since, she is 6 now

    kerry xxx
  • Babe.. if it's the sun is phseroisis (sp) I have really suffered with it fron being a very young child!
    I used to get sunbeds on the NHS no word of a lie.. lol although started at 36 sec blast! not your usual 6-8 mins! lol

    Charlie eats like Gabe 54 ounces of milk a day plus 1 too 2 meals a day depending on how he feels THAT day lol!! xx

    and a very happy boy who (mostly... a part from last night!!!!) sleeps thru!
  • Hi hun how did get on did he sleep though and glad the skin is better
  • Hi hun,
    I don't think its anything to worry about, he'll let you know if he's hungry through the night , no doubt about it :\)
    Sophie skipped her bottle couple of times and slept through anyway, I guess its just like with adults, we skipp food sometimes (although I can't remeber mysaelf doing this lately ,lol image )
    Maybe you little Gabe fell in love for the very first time and his way to excited to have a bottle ? image lol x
  • bless him, hope he didn't wake you up during the night for it! As others said, he hd been hungry at the time he would have had it. It's it's down to teething, you could put some teething gel in the teet so it touches his gums and sooths them as he starts to drink.

    I know my lo didn't take as much milk as she usually dies during the day....woke up for 3 feeds....
  • Well he kind of slept thru - woke at 3 whinging but I gave him his dummy & muslin and he went back till 10 to 7. Not bad! He only had 4oz this morning tho - how strange!

    Going to try giving him a snack instead of milk at 11, see if he is OK with that. xx
  • Charlotte has sometimes gone to bed with no bedtime milk, but she can be a fussy little madam with drinking it anyway!
  • Yeah, he loves muslins!! Likes holding them, always has done. I think its cos he has reflux & is used to them being a staple in our house, lol.

    Thats fab about Gracie-Faye sleeping through!!! Wow. I think Gabe was a similar age, 7 weeks... he pretty much slept thru every night from then. So you could be lucky. He doesnt now though!

    Ccbmommy, how is Charlotte doing with her milk & food now? I am attemping dropping Gabe's 11am feed today - instead he's had a rusk as finger food which he devoured, and lots of water.

    Hope it helps him take more milk later x
  • Well as you know her 3rd tooth cut thru recently so she's better with her milk, is draining more bottles but she only has 4oz in them and 5oz at bedtime. I can't wait to drop her afternoon bottle but she seems to enjoy it esp if we've been out for a walk in the cold. She's being a little madam with her solids now though! Clamping her mouth shut when i try to spoon feed her. I'm hoping it's just a phase and it passes soon. I try not to get too frustrated with her, but she's like a sparrow anyway so I want to feed her up as much as possible as she's still only just over 17lb at 10 months.
    Good luck with dropping Gabe's milk feed. If he has a snack then I'm sure he wont miss it. It also sounds like he could be teething as Charlotte was the same - but it went on for about 2 months this time!
  • Try not to worry about her weight - I know thats easy for me to say with a heffalump baby, lol, but I'm sure she is healthy & thats what matters. What finger foods will she eat?

    I wish Gabes teeth would hurry up - I'm constantly wiping up dribble pools lol

  • She has half a slice of toast with butter with her brekkie. I sometimes give her biccies (C&G ones).
    She has Dairylea or grated cheese sarnies and I also give her fingers of cheese (which she loves) and fingers of cucumber. As for fruit she's had banana (which she squishes!) and slices of apple.
    She has also started to pick up small things so I sometimes give her some sweetcorn and peas on her high chair tray. Oh and when I've had oven chips for tea I've given her one of those.
    Well sh's just crawled into the room and there is a certain aroma in the air - lol!!! She's also started to make a new noise. She sounds like she's yodelling (sp?) - it's very funny!
  • Aw bless her - Gabe does that yodelling thing too but it sounds a bit more like Tarzan! haha.
    Well, he did want the bottle after all, he's just had 6oz and gone down for his nap. It feels like I'm feeding him all day with 4 bottles - might keep the snack and see how he goes over the next few days. xx
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