Not wanting his milk at all?

... Is it bad or is he just growing up? He's almost 14 months. (now i write it down i think i should be moving to the toddler section!)

Harry very quickly went from four bottles a day to one between 9 and 10 months old but it never really bothered me as he's still growing faster than you can say "STOP" Lol.

However... he's not interested in his beaker of milk at bedtime - he just wants to get into his cot. Should i offer him a beaker of milk at another time instead? Should i just not worry about it?

He does get a lot of dairy in his diet anyway - milk in cereal, cheese, yoghurts, etc. so i'm not worried about his dairy, but what about all the nutrients that he could be missing out on?

Lucy xxx


  • Charlotte is 14 months too (stay in baby forum more than toddler as quite over there)!
    She has a little bit of milk in the morning, some on her cereal then some at bed-time. For a couple of months or so we have given Charlotte her bed-time milk before her bath. She was always over-tired after her bath for her milk so brought it forward. Now she drinks almost all of it. maybe try something like that?
    hth xx
  • Thanks ladies. Will try giving his routine a little jiggle around and see what happens!!

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