Snotty baby

Well that will teach me to say how pleased i was my DD hadn't been ill yet at 8 and a half months..she is full of cold and her nose is stuffy one min then running like a tap the next!
So my question is what can i do or what more can i do?

So far i have
Heightened the cot with books at her head end so her head is elevated... seems to help a little?!?
Snufflebabe on her chest
Some baby albas on a muslin under her mattress
Take her into the bathroom and run a hot shower and close the door when it is really bad.
Saline drops in her nose.
A drop of vics in a bowl of hot water in her room.

Any of those i shouldnt be doing? anything else i can do?

Thanks x

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  • we have a karvol plug in vaporiser which has helped, we also used thier vapourrub and albas oil on a muslin
  • Have you tried using an aspirator before she goes down at night or for a nap. I fouind this helped that his nose wasnt completely blocked before he went down so dropped off easily.
    Hope she feels better soon!
  • Someone on here before has suggested alternating the vapourisers (sp?) you use. So Karvol one night, and olbis the next. Think it helps. Hope lo is better soon, think you have all the bases covered! x
  • my parents shout at me for saying the s word (shhh snot). they say it's a disgusting word and they think only educated people use it!
  • Thanks for that calleigh i do consider myself to be educated image)

    She is all better today so only lasted one night so im very relieved

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