hi ladies TT bottles?

Hi well i am 37 weeks today and i have got TT bottles as i am not breastfeeding as i dont want to.

Anyways my question is i have now heard TT bottles are ment to be hard for LO to drink from?

Has anyone had any problems with them? or have they worked well for you?

I now dont know if i should get some different bottles as well incase my baby girl cant drink from them?

MJ 37+0


  • We bought some TT CTN bottles and we didn't encounter any problems xx
  • I use TT for when feeding expressed milk, and for 5 weeks when couldn't BF and have had no problems at all with them.

    Good luck!!!

  • Hi - I use TT CTN bottles for EBM and my LO takes them no trouble at all.

    C image
  • Hi we've been using tt bottles for 11 weeks now after I gave up bf & have had no problems with them. Lo drinks fine from them.

    Jayne xx
  • Thanks ladies think i will just stick with them and see how we go.

  • Hi MJ1986 - we have always used TT CTN and they are brilliant for us. I was mix feeding for a while and it was suggested that the CTN ones were the most similar to the breast and she drank for them and still BF for a while no probs with interchanging. She still has 3 bottles a day from them no probs.

    Good luck with the pink bump - little girls are amazing.... I know boys and girls are both amazing but I have a pink one and so am biased image

  • ,Must just be me then that doesn't like them! Lol I started off with TT CTN but found that when she sucked the teat always collapsed, I tried what the instructions said to do when this happens but it kept happening regardless of teat changes so we switched to avent and touch wood no problems. I'd give them a go and see if they work for you if not have a look around. I also love TT CTN couloured bottle theres a pink one for girls with flowers on the bottom Lol xx
  • No it's us too thebelle! We hate TT! We found the Tt CTN teats kept collapsing. Switched to Avent (which are half price in Boots at the moment btw) and it hasn't happened once! x
  • We had the problem of collapsing teat and found that if we made hole slightly bigger in teat with a pin it stopped. He was literally sucking life out of bottle.lol. He couldn't cope with a faster flow teat well, so the pin was half way solution. Haven't had it since. I was massive Avent fan but when we bought TT pump / striliser on an offer we couldn't pass up, they gave free bottes and im totally converted :image
  • i have these bottle and the teats did collapse but it was because the vent on the inside of the botttle was stuck together but once i had un stuck them they worked fine and havent had anymore problems
  • i mixfed ds with tt ctn bottles and never had any issues with him finding ti hard to suck or anything, i did find the teats would collaps, but only if was a brand new bottle for the first couple of uses then would be fine x
  • I had the same experience as Wow Baby - the teats collapse on the first couple of uses but once they're 'worn in' as such (after 2/3 uses) they are fine. I really like them actually.

    I would say don't buy a huge amount to start off with - 4 maybe - and then if you don't get on with them it won't be hugely difficult to get some different bottles.

    My only issue is that the ones with the clear markings are really hard to measure the water in, especially when you are knackered during the night feeds.
  • Lily was fine with TT and we've bought the same for this bump too. x
  • Brodie was fine with his TT bottles, as mentioned make sure you dqueeze the vent open frmo the inside if the teats collapse. My LO had so much wind from this happening for a few days until we solved the problem with it!

  • Good to see lots of opinions here. I am hoping to BF & got a pack of TT CTN on offer in Babies R Us for expressing & was really happy with my bargain but then today my SIL said that she also got some for nephew & has had problems & I should take them back!! I think I will keep them & if we do encounter problems then someone in the family can run out & get us some more. xx
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