Am I being stupid, how do I puree chicken, beef, fish?

I'm probably being really stupid and I've got no problems pureeing veg and fruit. But do I just do meat the same way ? Do I need to cook it differently or anyting. I've got a few recipes and they all just say puree it but I just can't imagine my hand blender getting the meat pureed finely enough for him to eat it.
I've been sticking just to veg and fruit for weeks now and want to introduce protein. Thanks. Suz xx


  • You are soooooo not stupid I've been asking this for ages! Our lo is 8 months and we've struggled to puree any meats to stop it looking like pond scum! Someone suggested mashing it with a potato masher as long a the meats been slowly cooked with lots of liquid. We gave up and started giving him meat to eat as finger foods to get the protein and that's worked well. Hopefully you'll get helpful advice, just sympathy from me I'm afraid!
    Bekkie x
  • I struggled with this too! If you add it as part of a different recipe then it's easier (there's a good tuna puree recipe on the cow and gate site), but chicken puree on its own soooo doesnt work! xx
  • if you mix it with some veg and some liquid its ok for me. sometimes i just puree meat and gravy and this works well too
  • I used to shred the meat up then puree it.
    Now i just need to shred it.
    Mum to 1 - meat puree looking like pond scum - lmao!!
  • I had a go with some left over roast beef from our tea last night and it seems to have pureed ok. I shredded it and added some stock as per suggestions. I don't think he'll like the texture though. But I'll try with some parsnip tomorrow and see how we get on.
    Tigerlily, that tuna recipe looks good, I'm going to give that a go too. Ta. S x
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