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Icandy Peach straps...

we started using the seat unit as opposed to the carrycot about a month ago and IMO the waist straps are really small! i cant imagine being able to do them up in the winter when DS is a year old and wearing a snowsuit! I have them on the biggest setting already and he is 7 months!! is anyone else finding this? or are mine shorter than normal?


  • Yes, I'm finding the same but I'm still using the cosi-toes so put it down to this really! My LO is 7 months, is on the largest setting and it does seem a bit of a squeeze xx
  • I bought a new I candy peach blossom 4 months ago for my toddler and new baby. But I'm really struggling with the straps. They are really not long enough to go  around my average sized daughter. So she is standing  in the pram and the other day fell out. I'm am wondering if any one else is having problems with the new peach blossom. Iv contacted I candy and they have advised that my problem is unique.

    Thanks for your help in advance 

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