Colic and bf

Hi everyone.

My LO is 10 days old now and getting bad bouts of colic all through the night.
I'm using infacol but it's not doing much good.

Does anyone have any suggestions of anything in my diet that could be making it worse? I know when I was feeding ds1 that eating grapes or orange juice would always make his colic worse so i've been avoiding them, along with anything spicy or very rich or fatty.

I'm desperate to stop his pain and to get a bit of sleep myself.


  • there are a few thiings thatcan affect baby. orange in all forms affect the bby of someone i know. arlic. onions. google it for more nd se hat makes a differenc.
  • I found that flavoursome veg like onions, garlic and parsnips made my ds1 colic worse. Try googling colic & chocolate as well - as i'm sure I read something about that. Also make a note of the nights he is particularly settled, and eat more of that!

  • My son had terrible wind for the forst 16wks.. I feel your pain hon. I eliminated all of the following from my diet:

    broccoli (my son still cant eat this now he is 9 months!)
    cauliflower (ditto above)
    all spices, spicy food or sauces (Definately no curries!)
    chillies (incl salsa)

    Basically anything that could cause the slightest grumble in my own tummy.

    I was also very careful how much OJ I had though I needed it in the beginning to take with my iron supplements as part of my own recovery.

    My mum kept banging on about chocolate (it drove me mad!!!) but I hardly ate any and it made no difference to my son's wind - it was still bad regardless.

    I can also recommend using the tiger in a tree position to hold your son when he is in pain - I was shown this when my son was about 10wks old and wish Id known about it earlier as it really soothed him!! Here is how to do it:

    I didnt really find Infacol much use either but it was the only thing available. I hope your son doesnt suffer too badly for too long. It can be really tough so make sure you have some support around you. xx
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