scared of cot death

hi was wondering if anybody can offer any advice. I have a4 month old daughter and ever since she was born i have paniced about cot death iv never known it happen or ever been effected by it but i really worry about it. I brought the electric glow egg temperature and am tempted to buy the panels that go under the mattress but have held off as i dont want to feed this fear . I put her in her own room at 3 months but panic all the same, i dont know if this has stemmed from the fact i suddenly lost my dad when i was 3 months pregnant . However if anyone can give me some advice on how to get over this it would be greatly appreciated x


  • hi there.
    i can relate to how you feel and im sure there are many many more people out there the same. my lo is now 14 months old and since the day he was born i have had the same fears as you. all i can say is that it does get easier with time. i too have never known anyone who has had this happen to them but i still have the fear.
    what eased my fears was getting a video monitor. it shows up his breathing and you can see them perfectly. i was tempted to get the things which go under the mattress to but heard rumours that the alarms go off by themselves so you end up panicing all the time.
    My advice would be jsut to keep doing what you are with the temp and make sure your lo is comfy. If you can i would recommend getting a video monitor, ytou can pick them up off ebay pretty cheap now. i was lucky and got mine from boots for ??20 reduced from ??80.
    Im sorry i havent been able to give you more advice but didnt want to read and run and just wanted to share my experiences.
    take care xx
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